The Pink Shutter Scrapbook Difference

Prior to your event, our artist and design team at Pink Shutter, over the course of a few days, custom hand make each couture scrapbook, with acid-free premium papers, premium ribbons, embellishments, and custom hand decorated additions to make it perfectly match the theme and colors of your wedding, birthday, or other special event! Feel free to watch the video below in the making of a recent scrapbook.

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brie + jason – a love story

I’d like to thank both Brie and Jason for allowing us to shoot your engagement session! Had tons of fun exploring the historic old Sacramento and getting some really cool shots.  Enjoy!

[vimeo w=500&h=282]

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Pink Shutter at Charity Shootouts 2011

Thanks to all that came and supported the Charity Shootouts at the Bel Air Bay Club on Monday.  It was very moving the amount of support there from all the vendors and lucky engaged couples =).  Beautiful venue, stunning views of the pacific ocean, and tons of fun! View your prints from the event on our facebook page.  Pink Shutter Facebook 

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Pink Shutter’s v2 booth spotted in the wild!

Latest and greatest, 20″ touchscreen, Canon T2i 18mp image capture, Hiti Dye-sub printer, and 5’x5′ pop-up booth which accommodates large groups easy.  Tell us what you think and if you were one of the lucky ones to use the booth this weekend feel free to leave a comment below.  We had everyone from 3year olds to grandparents running the booth on their own.  The intuitive touch interface is easy for any age to use.

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awesome new printer, hiti p510s test and review!

Fresh from our testing yesterday at the Hiti headquaters of the Hiti p510s. We will be upgrading from the Sony UPCX1 to the Hiti p510s in all our photobooth units. Just finished testing and its superior in color accuracy and features than the Sony UP-CX1 we’ve been using. Notes on functionality from our testing:

1. Auto-cut of 2″x6″ photo strips (with same standard 4×6 paper roll)

2. FAST FAST 10-12 second print time. Just as the last picture is taken the print is pretty much instantly ready, nearly 50% faster than the UP-CX1 in our real world photo booth testing.

3. Auto matte print function with same paper roll (on the fly printer head can matte texture the print to matte without having to buy more expensive paper).

4. 330 continuous print capacity with single roll of 4×6 paper and ribbon. (130 more prints than Sony)

5. Stand alone capability, memory card readers built in. Can easily print any photo with just a couple clicks without having to boot up computer.

With that being said, I highly recommend for anyone looking for a professional dye sub printer solution. Prints come our stunning, super clear and accurate and we have it for sale at a price point below $1k. Contact us for ordering or group buys. cheers!

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fresh photobooth print layouts

Three new photostrip style layouts and four new 4 picture layouts. What’s your favorite? Our in house graphic designer can modify any current layout or custom design from scratch for your event at no charge.

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tiffanie’s baby shower photobooth

Our first photobooth event!  This baby shower was held for Tiffanie and the soon to come baby Zach. We had lots of fun with the happy expectant mother and all the guests attending.  Here are a few prints from the event. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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the beginning

Everyone has to start somewhere.

We are a small group of still photographers, motion film makers, and photoboothists. We embrace technology and digital media.

The pink shutter media group has officially been born. Our passion is our work with DSLR’s.  Incredible equipment for incredible artists.  All of us here started shooting still photography, mostly for fun, or for family.  We’ve shot many events pro-bono, made slideshows and movies for friends. We’ve shot for fun or for profit, but we shoot because we love it.

We have two main hubs in Sacramento and Los Angeles, but we’ll travel wherever your event takes us. Give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you with your special event in any way possible. Let us tell your story through our stills and motions.

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